About Us

CopyCat is a family run business. Started in 1985 in Amherst, MA by UMASS graduates.

Our story

A Brief History

In, 1985, CopyCat was started in Amherst, MA by recent UMass Amherst graduates, Reza and Jennifer Shafii. The young couple built the small business from scratch, naming it with their cat in mind. Within a few years, the business grew to multiple locations. CopyCat Print Shop Old Logo In 1997, the original CopyCat family opened a larger sister company. TigerPress was established for commercial and offset printing. In addition, TigerPress has expanded to include Packaging, Golf Scorecards, and  SuperModels Unlimited. TigerPress takes pride in having a reputation for being an eco-friendly printer with unmatched quality. Contact CopyCat Northampton today, in order to place any digital or offset orders! (We act as your customer service representative for TigerPress orders, too.)

Present Day

In 2016, the CopyCat family opened a new location in Northampton. The office is now the last CopyCat under the original ownership. CopyCat Northampton is managed by Reza and Jennifer’s daughter, Amanda. 

Family Pic Amanda Reza Jennifer Shafii

Amanda worked at TigerPress and CopyCat throughout high school and during college breaks. Also, she managed the Greenfield CopyCat store for almost 4 years.

CopyCat Northampton provides customers with over 30 years of experience in the printing field. In addition, the dedicated store owners (Amanda, Jennifer, & Reza) attend worldwide printing events to keep up with the latest industry technology.

CopyCat’s on-going mission is to provide high quality printing at a competitive price with excellent customer service. 

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