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The shredding service at CopyCat Northampton offers an affordable and smart solution for getting rid of clutter and old documents.

Shredding old documents is the best way to dispose of any paperwork with personal or confidential information. For example, documents that include old medical records, bank statements, legal documents, employment records should be shredded. Not only is this a great way to get rid of clutter, but you can also prevent personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Our secure shredding service is easy and affordable. Give us a call today at 413-585-1616 to learn more!

FAQs on CopyCat's Shredding Service

We charge per pound for secure shredding services. First, we will weigh your documents when you bring them in to get a cost. Most large bags of documents only weigh a couple pounds. This makes secure shredding a cost efficient way to get rid of old documents!

Call us today at (413)585-1616 for a quote.

We weigh your documents, then we insert them into our secure locked bin. Once the bin is full, Valley Green Shredding (our trusted, local company that specializes in shredding) will come by and shred everything in the bin right in their trucks. The shredding process is documented, video monitored, and then there is a Certificate of Destruction that is issued and available upon request at the time of order.

1.) CopyCat follows the industry standard for properly destroying documents. We use a trusted, local company (Valley Green Shredding) that is certified and specializes in secure shredding and document destruction. 

2.) Your documents will be cross-cut shred, rather than strip-cut shred. Most personal shredders only do strip cut (cut in one direction). Cross-cut shredding is far more secure (cut vertically and horizontally).

3.) We will issue you a Certificate of Destruction upon request that provides confirmation that your documents have been destroyed to the industry standard. 

A Certificate of Destruction is included with your order when you have secure shredding done through CopyCat. The Certificate of Destruction is a certificate that states your documents have been properly shredded along with the date of destruction.

We issue Certificates of Destruction upon request at the time you bring in your documents. We will ask that you provide your email address for us to send it to.

CopyCat is an authorized vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Call us to learn more about our work for the Committee for Public Council Services.
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